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Deerfield Roofing features the solutions to all of your north Georgia roofing concerns. From installation to repairs to maintenance to replacement, we have what your home needs in roofing care. 

We give you the honesty and integrity of our exceedingly professional comportment. We feel it is our duty to prove our trustworthiness, and that is why we only recommend what your roofing system is in need of to maximize proficiency. 

We choose to keep our staff filled with roofing experts whose quality of personal integrity matches that quality of their craftsmanship. 

We are proud to offer only the absolute best possible in a roofing service. We maintain a copacetic approach with two primary concerns: the highest technical aptitude with clear and honest professionalism when dealing with our valued neighbors.

We make our community rooftops better, one roof at a time.

Our Team

 Roofing Contractor

Genduer Gonzalez

People know me as Tuna. 


Deerfield Roofing

Franklin Gonzalez

Phone: 770-696-7672

Trustworthy Family owned Roofing business

Zulma Gonzalez

Office: 770-788-7663


Roofing Contractor

Efrain Gonzalez

Phone: 404-569-7221

Roofing Contractor

Alex Gonzalez

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